Why, why, why?!?

When you start a business, you get asked why....a lot. Banks, business plans, social media, even family and friends- why?

The idea for my care packages has been in the back of my mind for years. Sweet little something to send to someone in need of some positive energy. A hug and whisper that everything will turn out okay- all in a pretty box designed to stimulate the senses. I like luxury and, at first, I thought of this box as a treat, a pampering special occasion, but as I walked my own health path, I've seen first hand that the fact that we consider taking care of ourselves as a treat is half our problem. We ignore the signs our bodies scream at us because it seems frivolous or selfish to take time for ourselves or a waste of money. It has been my experience, you waste more money trying to fix the damage than you would have spent just taking care of yourself in the first place.

So my box ideas took shape as a way to bring things we thought of as luxuries and make them staples for wellness. The focus on chakras came at the end. I was aware of the concepts, but I hadn't really added that to my practices. I liked the packaging and a theme made choices easier. My chakra soak started as just bubble bath because I love bubble baths, but then I purposefully chose colors and essential oils and Muladhara (Root) Chakra Soak was born. I do find myself thinking about core of my being when I'm soaking in those bubbles. As so many healing tools, chakra practices came to me when I was ready to receive them which brings up another good point, you can enjoy my boxes and not partake in any chakra practices. The teas and herbs is where most of this started. I was looking for alternatives to medicines and was happy to find that not every solution has to come from a prescription. The jewelry and candles are a product of my creative energies. I like to make things and healing crystals on a necklace was a no brainer. Thieves Oil was my first essential oil blend and it kept me healthy while the whole office got sick so I was hooked. 

So there is my why, at least a piece of the story. The whole story is long and a little boring, but I'll figure out a way to tell it all, piece by piece. 

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