Chakra Snapshot

Muladhara, or Root Chakra, rules our physical energies, and all feelings and beliefs regarding a sense of safety, security, and support.

  • Color: red which represents movement and awakening.
  • Location: the tailbone
  • Balanced: safe, motivated, energetic, reliable and grounded in reality.
  • Deficiencies: passive, financial struggles, and poor boundaries.
  • Excessive: greed, paranoia, overeating, fear of change, or obsessions with security.

Svadhisthana, or Sacral Chakra, rules our emotions, creativity, and sensuality.

  • Color: orange to represent warmth and emotion
  • Location: 3 centimeters above the Muladhara and just below the navel.
  • Balanced: sense of friendliness, vitality, compassion, and bondedness.
  • Deficiencies: rigidity of both mind and body, lack of social skills, lack of creativity.
  • Excessive: addictions, irresponsibility, obsessive attachments, manipulation.

Manipura, or Solar Plexus Chakra, rules our personal power, self-esteem, and willpower.

  • Color: yellow which represents wisdom and intellect
  • Location: right behind the stomach.
  • Balanced: a healthy assertiveness, intelligence, productivity, healthy digestion
  • Deficiencies: low self-esteem, low confidence, poor digestion, unhappiness with one’s life situations.
  • Excessive: dominating behavior, controlling, stubbornness, and competition.

Anahata, or Heart Chakra, is the energy center of love and relationships.

  • Color: green represents health, prosperity, and abundance
  • Location: between the breasts.
  • Balanced: a sense of wholeness, sympathy, nurturing, acceptance, and kindness.
  • Deficiencies: an inability to forgive, loneliness, indifference and withdrawing.
  • Excessive: jealousy, martyrdom, self-centered, and codependency.

Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra, rules our communication and expression.

  • Color: bright blue represents self-expression, creativity, and communication
  • Location: at the base of the throat.
  • Balanced: can communicate clearly and positively, listen well, contentment
  • Deficiencies: inability to express one’s truth or a fear of speaking as well as throat related maladies such as teeth grinding, underactive thyroid.
  • Excessive: gossiping, lack of consideration for others and can lead to compulsive behaviors

Ajna, or Brow Chakra, is the seat of our vision and perception

  • Color: Indigo represents intuition, perception, inner wisdom
  • Location: at the mid-eyebrow point
  • Balanced: keen intellect, strong intuition, can perceive the big picture, establish goals and can take action
  • Deficiencies: abusive relationships, lack of joy, anxiety, chaos, difficulty planning the future.
  • Excessive: fantasizing, difficulty concentrating, nightmares, turmoil

Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra, is our spirituality.

  • Color: Violet represents the universe, spiritual connection, or consciousness
  • Location: top of the head or possibly four fingers widths above the head
  • Balanced: released from ego-driven desires, self-trust, selflessness, humanitarian nature
  • Deficiencies: lack of purpose, ethics, joy, trust, spiritual cynicism
  • Excessive: feeling superior, manic-depressive behaviors, fanatic spirituality