I am not a doctor

I am not a doctor. I say this so you know that I know I am not a doctor. But, often, people's perspective is shaped by their experiences. It becomes the filter for processing and interrupting information. My life has be dominated by healthcare for the past two years and shaped by my self-care for decades before that so when I soak up information, it often comes from a place of health. My own healthcare journey is that of a simple corrective surgery snowballing into thyroid cancer and subsequent removal. Additionally, finding out that I have ridiculously common autoimmune disease called Hoshimoto's Disease that nobody seems to know about. Seriously, when you go down that autoimmune rabbit hole and read about how many people suffer from it but how few people know about it, it is staggering. That is a blog in itself, another day. My point today is it's important to know the perspective of the information we receive. I want to present information that people may not have known to look for. Sometimes, you don't know what you don't know. But I encourage everyone to use that information as a stepping stone to find what you need based on how your perspective has shaped you. In other words, don't take my word for it. I am not great at blogging and I am not always comfortable talking about my own experiences, but I intend to share my journey which means I will probably be throwing out information about what teas and herbs I like or what yoga poses help me, but as I have said, I am not a doctor and nothing I share should replace your doctor's guidance. I relay my experiences to possibly bring to light a new idea or thought process. Everyone is different which means what works for me may not be quite right for you, but I'm happy to show you what works for me and you can begin to shape what will work for you. For Hoshimoto's, there aren't a lot of clinical studies or even a medically accepted course of treatment so community and sharing experiences is the best self-care out there. This is part of my goals in growing my business and with this website, to create a community of shared experiences of successful self care. I look forward to hearing everyone's stories. Have a beautiful day!

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