All About Me...Get to know me

Thank you for seeking me out in your journey.

The essence of my business is to share my health habits, handmade products and new ideas about self care. I find inspiration all around me but one of my favorite quotes “Nothing changes if nothing changes- unknown” has motivated me to seek out healthy habits day after day and ultimately inspired my karmic care packages. 

So often, it’s not until you are sick that you take wellness seriously and by that time you are too weak to make the changes you need to create healthy habits. My boxes are meant to serve as tools to help build a foundation of self care that can support your body through any stress; physical, emotional or mental, and fill you with positive energy. Why does each box related to a chakra? Because we tend to think of self care as a luxury and not a priority. Balanced chakras give you the insight you need to see self care as vital to your well being. Your chakras can also serve as a reserve of energy when stress leaves you depleted. 
What you can expect- hand picked, hand made products designed to enhance each chakra and fill your energy reserve with positive energy, so all you have to focus on is your own healthy habits. 
Who I Am- I am the driving force of this company. My own health and healing journey is poured into every box. These are habits I am passionate about and truly use daily.