What is a chakra and why should I care?

Your chakras are vortexes of subtle energy throughout your body said to govern everything from you organ to emotional health. And you absolutely do not need to care about this to enjoy my Karmic Care Packages. The packages are about boosting your wellness routine, whatever that is.

But here is why I think you should consider taking a closer look at your chakras. There are many different chakra systems spanning many different cultures, but they all boil down to the belief that there is energy surrounding you. Energy you pull from the outside in and energy you release out into the world. If you don't have a balance between the energy coming in and going out, it can sit, stagnate, in your body, settling in and becoming a negative weight on your well being. My goal in learning about chakras is to balance this energy. You can not have good without bad. You cannot avoid negative energy, negative people, negative thoughts, but you can learn to balance them with positive energy, positive thoughts, and positive people!

Exploring your chakras is a tool to understanding yourself and your needs better so you can make healthy decisions that allow you to grow and thrive as a human being. For example, understanding your root chakra can mean understanding what you define as stability which give you a conscious awareness of what you need to feel safe and secure, rather than that unconscious feeling that something isn't right, but you can't put your finger on the what or why. Connecting with your chakras can also bring a sense of confidence and empowerment when dealing with others. It means learning to trust your instincts and reading the energy in the room, understanding what serves your greater good and what energy you can leave behind. For me, channeling chakra energies was a way of finding doctors I could work with in my healing processes which is not easy, by the way. But trusting my instincts and trusting myself gave me the confidence to leave several offices when, just a few years earlier, I might have stayed because I believed they knew better than I did. All of the doctors I have encountered knew their profession, but none of them knew me and I believe I am a vital part of the equation so if they can't collaborate with me how was I going to truly heal? Learning about my chakras has helped me understand what I need from the people associated with my healing journey.

This brings up another good point about chakras. Your chakra journey is absolutely your own. I can tell you that your root chakra represents safety, stability, and grounded energy, but what is stable for me may not be stable for you. There is no road map to follow. It's not like a video game where you just have to collect whatever items and unlock each chakra. It is self exploration. It can be frustrating and even painful, but you decide how it looks and you dive as deep as you want to. Maybe something is too painful to dig into right now and you feel the urge to set it aside. If that's what is right for you, then, that is the solution. There is no right or wrong way. There is no judgement on how you arrive. You own every step of your journey. Which is why I invite you to take what you resonates with you and leave the rest.

I hope my care packages can encourage you to seek out energy that supports your wellness and ideas that serve your greater good. For this reason, I invite you to get to know your chakras. 


  • Bought the Just A Dose Root Chakra package for my niece. It was just what she needed to take a little time and take care of herself. She loved the bath soak salts! Will be buying more. Such a lovely way to remind us to take care of ourselves so that we can then be more present with others.

  • I bought your root chakra just a dose. Oh my goodness the earrings and bath is excellent. I love it.


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